Ferrari debuted a $30,000 limited edition book designed like the sports car — take a look

A new Ferrari can cost anywhere from $200,000 to over $300,000 — and the car company’s new limited edition book isn’t cheap either.

Available in October, and published by German publishing house Taschen, “Ferrari” is a limited edition, 514-page collector’s Art Edition book that costs $30,000. Only 250 were made.

The red leather-bound and hand-stitched book is enclosed in an aluminum case inspired by the Testarossa red-head valve covering a Ferrari V-12 engine. Integrated into the case is a sculptural chrome stand resembling the exhaust pipes of a vintage Ferrari 12-cylinder race car, designed by Marc Newson, an industrial designer and vintage sports-car racer.

The book is filled with vintage photographs and rare images and documents from Ferrari’s history. Each one will be personally signed by Piero Lardi Ferrari, the company’s vice chairman.

For those who can’t splurge on the $30,000 book, Taschen is releasing a limited run of 1,697 collector’s editions for $6,000, which come without the stand.

“Ferrari” isn’t even the sports-car company’s most expensive book. In 2011, Ferrari released the diamond-encrusted, 82-pound, 852-page Enzo Diamante edition of “The Official Ferrari Opus.” It featured the brand’s horse logo encrusted with 30 diamonds and it cost $275,000. The book tells the story and history of the prancing horse logo, along with over 1,000 images, many that are rare and previously unpublished.

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