Nearly 600 kids inspired with personal, handwritten notes


LANCASTER, OH — Licensed social worker Kevin Boyer has a unique way of letting kids know they are recognized and their accomplishments matter.

Boyer, a family and student support coordinator at Gorsuch West Elementary, has written hundreds of personalized notes to students — a mission he started last school year and is continuing this year.

They may be struggling at home or at school, but Boyer said he wants them to know they are appreciated and part of Gorsuch West’s family.

“I feel like I’m just a big kid, so I really relate to kids,” he said.

Boyer has a goal of writing six notes a day to write to the nearly 600 students at the school by the end of the year. Boyer hand delivers each note to their desks before they arrive each morning. 

While six notes a day can be a challenge in a fluid working environment like a school, Boyer completed the task by the end of last school year and saw encouraging results.

“They loved it,” Boyer said about students’ reactions. “Not only was it a pick-me-up for the students, it was also a pick-me-up for me and kind of kept me going throughout the school year as well too. Because when I’d see them in the hall, they’d rush up and say they’d got their note and give me a hug and a high-five, so it would really brighten my day as well.”

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