Trump Today: President vetoes border resolution, says Mueller should scrap report

President Donald Trump issued the first veto of his presidency on Friday, rejecting legislation that aimed to strike down his emergency declaration for building a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.


In vetoing the resolution, Trump said it was his “duty” to do so and that Republican voters were overwhelmingly against the measure.

In a Senate vote Thursday, 12 Republicans joined Democrats in rebuking the president by voting to block his declaration. Congress lacks the votes needed to override Trump’s veto. But the president’s emergency still faces legal challenges. Trump has frequently said a wall is necessary to halt drugs and crime and said Friday, “people hate the word invasion, but that’s what it is.”


In response to the mass shootings at two New Zealand mosques that left 49 dead, Trump tweeted his “warmest sympathy and best wishes.” He tweeted that the U.S. was ready to assist “for anything we can do” and said he spoke with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Democratic presidential contenders including Cory Booker and Beto O’Rourke called for fighting white supremacy and Islamophobia after the suspect was identified and reported to have posted a manifesto on his Facebook page expressing white-supremacist views.

Trump told reporters that he hadn’t seen the manifesto and called the shootings a “horrible act.”

Asked if he saw white nationalism as a rising threat around the world, the president responded that he didn’t and added, “I think it’s a small group of people that have very, very serious problems.”

The president also urged Jewish voters to quit the Democratic Party in favor of the GOP. Trump’s tweet followed comments he made in the wake of remarks by Rep. Ilhan Omar that Democrats had become anti-Israel and anti-Jewish. The freshman Democrat’s comments about politicians’ support for Israel have been criticized as being anti-Semitic. The House passed a resolution condemning bigotry in the wake of Omar’s remarks, but didn’t single her out. Trump called that vote “disgraceful.”


The White House said Trump spoke with Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and said the U.S. was committed to helping determine the cause of the deadly plane crash last weekend involving a Boeing BA, +1.52%  737 Max jet. The Federal Aviation Administration on Wednesday ordered the planes grounded, taking the step later than several other nations.

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Trump also took his latest shot at Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, which is reportedly winding down, saying “there should be no Mueller Report.”

His statement on Twitter came a day after the House of Representatives voted unanimously for a resolution calling for any final report in Mueller’s Russia investigation to be made public. The action was symbolic but Trump continued his long-running criticism of the probe, saying it’s “an illegal & conflicted investigation in search of a crime.”

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