Creator Of Fun Obama Singing Clips Gets Deadly Serious With Gun Violence Tribute

YouTube channel “Baracksdubs” is back, but with a serious break from normal programming.

The channel, famed for editing amusing clips of former President Barack Obama to make it appear as if he is singing, returned on Friday with a poignant video tribute to victims of gun violence.

There’s not a warbling Obama in sight as images of campaigners calling for gun control are set to Buffalo Springfield’s iconic ’60s song “For What It’s Worth.”

Check out the video here:

“The last few months of protests around gun control inspired me to make this tribute video in honor of all the voices who’ve risen up for those who can’t,” wrote Fadi Saleh, who is behind the channel.

“Every year we witness shooting after tragic shooting, with little progress made to prevent gun violence,” he added. “I know this isn’t my usual thing, but it’s something I care about deeply and with a week leading up to elections now’s a vital time to talk about this.”

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