European Elections polls LIVE: Brexit Party GAINS as Europeans predict EU to COLLAPSE

Britons will vote for the party and the MEPs they want to represent them in the European Parliament, which is the body that is responsible, along with the Council of Ministers from member states, for making laws and approving budgets. The issue is a thorny one on the back of calls by many Remainers for a second referendum while Brexiteers want Britain to unshackle itself from the bloc now. Prime Minister Theresa May is under increasing amounts of pressure after a demoralising local elections result, with Tories expecting a hammering at the polls.

A poor Tory showing in next week’s European Elections would heap pressure on Mrs May to back her bags and leave.

While Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is under similar pressure over his failure to capitalise on the Tories’ failure.

The poll will also be the first electoral test for Change UK, the anti-Brexit party formed by a breakaway from of Labour and Conservative MPs.

Meanwhile, recent polls suggest the Brexit Party will win the most votes, with the Conservatives potentially pushed into fourth place.


10.15am update: Brexit Party formed in Welsh Assembly ‘with IMMEDIATE effect’

Four Welsh assembly members (AMs) have sensationally joined the Brexit Party “with immediate effect” to give Nigel Farage’s party their first political representation at a national level.

The Conservatives’ Mark Reckless, and Ukip’s David Rowlands have joined up with independents Mandy Jones and Caroline Jones to form the group in the Welsh Assembly.

In a letter the four AMs said: “We wish to form a Brexit Party political group, with immediate effect. We confirm that Mark Reckless has resigned from the Conservative Group, and that David Rowlands hereby resigns from the Ukip group.”

10.03am update: May under pressure to leave after vote 

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen said: “I would like to see the 22 give her a timetable to stand down.

“And, if she does not accept that timetable, tell her we will have another vote of confidence after the European elections.”

Prominent Brexiteer Mark Francois said that a predicted poor Tory showing in next week’s European Parliament elections would heap pressure on Mrs May to go.

He added: “As the polls increasingly suggest, we are going to have an extremely difficult night in the European elections.

“And, because they are announced on a council by council basis, every MP will be able to reverse engineer the result in their own constituency.

“At that point, I believe, my colleagues will finally wake up and smell the coffee if they have not, indeed, done so already.

9.58am update: Brexit Party makes huge gains in Scotland

Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party is in second place in Scotland according to a new poll, in a dramatic blow to Nicola Sturgeon’s claim that Scots oppose Brexit.

The anti-EU party is polling at 14 percent in Scotland according to the YouGov poll, after building its base from nothing in just a few months.

The nationalist SNP are in the lead on 28 percent. Both figures increase significantly when those who say they won’t vote are excluded.


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