How billionaires like Schultz and Bloomberg can best help America: Don’t run for president

Millions of Americans are one missed paycheck from a financial crisis and one billionaire away from four more years of Donald Trump.

As many as three billionaires are or were considering a campaign to replace our president, who became famous playing a billionaire on TV. This is a staggering number if you consider that there are only about 585 billionaires in this country, amounting to about .0002 percent of the U.S. population. Trump has the lowest average popularity for any president in the history of polling. If he manages to win another term, we will likely have a billionaire to thank for it.

Billionaire Howard Schultz, the former CEO and current largest shareholder of Starbucks, wants you to know he’s “seriously” considering running for president in 2020 as an independent because he thinks that Trump is “not qualified” to be president. But Schultz is also terrified that Democrats truly believe the country that made him rich by buying coffee milkshakes for almost $5 a pop can also afford to make sure everyone has quality health care.

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