A Lucky Few Grab Camera Gear For Below $100 On Amazon Prime Day

Amazon.com’s Prime Day has brought a smile to the face of some photographers who may have grabbed their best deals of their lives.

The e-commerce giant accidentally discounted a wide range of premium camera gear for Prime Day earlier this week, which may have proved costly for it.

Thanks to a pricing error, some lucky customers were able to buy premium camera gear bundles worth more than $5,000 for below $100.

According to reports, the incident started when a bargain hunter noticed that the Sony a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera with 16-50mm Power Zoom lens bundle was listed at just $94.50 on Amazon, far lower than the original price of $550.

The person then reportedly shared the deal on deal aggregator called Slickdeals, leading to users rushing to Amazon’s platform.

Some users were able to place orders at the steeply discounted price, while others reported seeing only the camera’s original price of $550.

Interestingly, the deals with $94.50 were directly from Amazon and not third-party sellers.

“Literally everything is 94.48. I have bought like 10k worth of stuff that was like 900 dollars total,” one member commented on the Slickdeals website.

Some users were surprised that Amazon notified them their purchases were sent out for shipping at no extra costs.

However, many other users were certain that Amazon would cancel the orders.

A disappointed user wrote, “In for one, more like in for the cancellation. Wanted this one for a LONG time. It’d be crazy awesome if they honored the deal but probably not.”

The listing on Slickdeals website has received more than 499,900 views and over 1,800 comments. The deal is now marked as expired.

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