Dozens of Police Stations Attacked as Bogota Erupts in Violence

Dozens of police stations were vandalized across Bogota on Wednesday night as protests against police brutality in the Colombian capital turned violent.

The disturbances flared up after video circulated on social media showing two officers repeatedly tasering a man named Javier Humberto Ordonez in the early hours of Wednesday morning. He later died.


Atentos: estos hechos ocurrieron anoche en el occidente de Bogotá. El hombre sometido por dos policías, incluso con uso de pistola eléctrica, murió horas después en una clínica. La policía afirma que respondió a agresiones de estas personas. Grave denuncia de abuso policial.

12:40 PM · Sep 9, 2020


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Police stations were set on fire, officers were attacked and buses were torched in a night of unrest.

Colombia’s Inspector General’s Office said it is opening an investigation into Ordonez’s death. Semana magazine said the man was a 43-year-old lawyer and father of two.

The death of a teenage protester in Bogota at the hands of anti-riot police last November fueled weeks of demonstrations.

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