Five important features that set the new BMW X6 apart from other cars

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Coupe-bodied SUVs combine two worlds. The generous, raised body means great comfort and versatility, while the sloping roofline adds dynamism to the silhouette and draws attention among traditional-looking competitors. The BMW X6 has enjoyed enduring popularity since its inception. What is the current generation like? Here are five features that set the new BMW X6 apart.

Outstanding style

The BMW X6 draws the eye even when stationary. The muscular five-door body with its steeply raked rear window is designed with great expression and is equipped with a host of stylistic flavors that can be rediscovered every day. Innovatively illuminated by LEDs, the “Iconic Glow” radiator grille underlines the vehicle’s elegance. Innovative BMW Laser Headlights illuminate the space in front of the car for up to 500 meters, while an illuminated carpet that appears when getting in and out of the car automatically puts the driver and passengers in a good mood. The BMW X6 can run on unique 22-inch wheels offered in several designs to suit different tastes.

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Photo: BMW Group / BMW X6 – preview image Photo: BMW Group / BMW X6 – screenshot

Unmistakeable driving comfort

The BMW X6 spoils the driver and passengers with available equipment. The heated, ventilated and massaging seats can be upholstered in leather in a wide range of color combinations and allow you to get up refreshed even after the longest journey. The BMW Live Cockpit Professional features two displays – including one that can be operated by touch and gestures. A touchscreen entertainment system for rear-seat passengers is also available. Music fans will likely love the premium Bower&Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System with 20 speakers. The devil is in the details, so on board the BMW X6, we can also find such pleasant surprises as heated or cooled cup holders, a panoramic roof, and a fragrance package.

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Photo: BMW Group / BMW X6 – preview image Foto: BMW Group / BMW X6 – screenshot Foto: BMW Group / BMW X6 – screenshot

State-of-the-art technology

Using the latest technology available is one of BMW’s hallmarks. When you drive the BMW X6, you see the colourful, sharp, and clear information displayed by the Head-Up Display in front of you. The Driving Assistant Professional package means safety in many driving situations. The steering assistant, lane-keeping assistant, active cruise control, and emergency braking assistant, among others, keep a watchful eye on you while you drive. There is also nothing to fear when parking. With the optional Parking Assistant Plus, which shows a panoramic view, an overhead view, and a remote view, parking the BMW X6 is easy for any driver. The BMW Drive Recorder feature allows you to record your surroundings just before you turn on the DVR, which comes in handy during collisions, among other things, while the intelligent Automate My Habits feature will remember your favorite settings and select them every time you enter the car.

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Photo: BMW Group / BMW X6 – preview image Photo: BMW Group / BMW X6 – screenshot

Driving pleasure

Another feature that distinguishes and defines the new BMW X6 is driving pleasure. In addition to comfort, this car offers outstanding safety thanks to BMW xDrive all-wheel drive, which distributes torque between the front and rear axles. Electrically controlled power distribution eliminates understeer and oversteer when cornering. The optional Adaptive M Suspension adapts the handling characteristics to current conditions and driver preferences. All of the engines used in the BMW X6 offer outstanding performance and excellent flexibility. Some are also equipped with a soft-hybrid system for further fuel efficiency. You can choose between two diesel engines and three petrol units. The most powerful BMW X6 M Competition has as much as 625 hp and accelerates to 100 km/h in under 4s (3.9 seconds). Despite its considerable size, this car is very agile and drives sensationally in all road conditions.

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Photo: BMW Group / The new BMW X6 – preview image Foto: BMW Group / BMW X6 – screenshot

Favorable purchase conditions

The BMW Comfort Lease promotion currently offers leasing benefits not only to company customers but also to private individuals. The special offer means lower leasing installments compared to traditional types of financing and a convenient end to the contract, where you can choose between buying the car back, returning it, or buying a new vehicle. Here is an example. Deciding on the BMW X6 30d at a price of PLN 353,900 and selecting 25% own contribution, a 36-month term of the agreement, and the declared annual mileage of 20,000 kilometers, our installment will amount to PLN 3,197.18 gross. The guaranteed residual value of the vehicle is already known upon signing the contract and amounts to PLN 168,730.49 (47.68% of the new value).

The new BMW X6 offers a unique experience, comfort, safety, and the latest technology. If you’re thinking about buying a large premium SUV, visit your nearest BMW dealership and see for yourself.

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Photo: BMW Group / The new BMW X6 – preview image

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