How to buy legal marijuana in Canada by mail or in person if you’re an adult

VANCOUVER – Few marijuana buyers will be able to purchase legal cannabis across Canada when legalization takes effect Wednesday, with most provinces still adopting the rules necessary to make the system work and the rest proceeding cautiously.

Across Ontario, marijuana sales will be limited to mail-order only, meaning buyers in Toronto and Ottawa won’t have access to weed in stores. (Which means no quick trips across the border from Detroit or Buffalo). In British Columbia, only one store will be open this week – and it’s 220 miles north of Vancouver.

So just how can you buy marijuana in Canada? Read on!

Who can buy it?

To buy or possess cannabis, you must be at least 18 and in some cases 19, depending on which province or territory you’re in. Canadian law contains strict penalties for giving marijuana to minors. However, there is no residency restriction, which means Americans who meet the age requirement will be allowed to purchase pot.

Where can I buy it?

Not a lot of places, at least at first. British Columbia will have only one store open Wednesday, and Ontario won’t have any. Local governments across Canada are still developing the licensing process for most stores, although mail-order marijuana will be widely available. If you go the mail-order route, expect to have to sign personally for the delivery and expect to only be able to get 30 grams at a time.

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