Nomad Vanz created a bespoke tiny home inside of a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter that's ready for backcountry trips — see inside

  • Nomad Vanz turned a four-by-four 170-inch Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 cargo van with a high roof into a bespoke tiny home on wheels for backcountry adventures.
  • The interior of the Ulusaba includes a working and dining space, kitchen, bed, shower, and toilet.
  • The price is not public, but custom Nomad Vanz 170-inch wheelbase Sprinter conversions start at $150,000.
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Nomad Vanz turned a four-by-four 170-inch Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 into a bespoke tiny home on wheels for backcountry adventures.

The Vancouver-based van conversion company specializes in turning Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Metris vans of various sizes into custom four seasons-approved tiny homes on wheels with the help of various in-house add-ons and designs.

These add-ons — which often come with unique names such as "Talking Head" for the the spare tire rack, "Sweet Dreamz" for the in-house designed bedding unit, and "R Rated" for insulated walls, flooring, and ceiling — can all be combined to create a custom #VanLife approved tiny home on wheels that cater to each clients' needs.

Several of these upgrades can be seen in Nomad Vanz's Ulusaba, which translates to "place of little fear," build. By using its range of add-ons, Nomad Vanz was able to turn the high roof Sprinter cargo van into a tiny home on wheels that can handle off-road and backcountry treks.

Ulusaba's price is undisclosed, but a custom Nomad Vanz 170-inch wheelbase Sprinter conversion starts at $150,000. If this price tag is too high, several of the upgrades are also available in Nomad Vanz's online store for van lifers who would rather commit to a do-it-yourself van build.

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Ulusaba has a high roof, giving its owners more headspace.

To help with off-road treks, Nomad Vanz included a ride improvement package by Agile Off Road for better suspension and more stability while out on the road.

Source: Agile Off Road

For extra underbelly protection during these off-road drives, Nomad Vanz included a skid plate.

The exterior also has additional lights, which can help brighten an otherwise dark campground at night.

Other exterior-facing upgrades include Ulusaba's pop-out windows with insulated covers that can then extend the width of the interior sleeping space to six feet, six inches.

Its windows also come with magnetic hand-sewn shades made of nylon fabric and reflective insulation for more privacy.

The audio system inside of the van has been upgraded to include speakers around the interior.

The van's amenities are powered by Nomad Vanz's lithium option, which provides the tiny home with between 200-amp-hour to 1,200-amp-hour lithium batteries.

Its makers also included a BantamX for easier control over the electrical system.

Source: 4×4 sPOD

These systems help power interior features like the LED and bedside lights, and USB and 12-volt plugs.

To help regulate the temperature during winter trips and summer treks, the van has a heater, bedside and ventilation fan, and openable windows.

Digital nomads working on the road can use Ulusaba's table mount and bench seating as a small work and dining space inside the van.

Meals eaten at this table can be made in the kitchen, which has a dual-burner cooktop and 49-liter refrigerator.

There’s also a sink with a chopping board cover to help streamline but maximize the tiny space.

To clean off after a long hike, the van has an indoor and outdoor shower with a wand, curtains, and shower pan.

The shower and sink pulls its water from Nomad Vanz's Mother Ship add-on, a 175-liter stainless steel water tank.

Daytime naps or nighttime snoozes happen on the van's bed, which is topped with a latex mattress and cotton cover.

The elevated bed — which can be reached using a small ladder — creates room for a garage underneath.

Besides the under-bed garage, storage includes overhead cabinets, a pocket storage unit on the rear doors, and a roof rack that can be accessed with the side ladder.

Ulusaba hides its cassette toilet inside one of the storage cabinets.

There are also L-tracks to help fasten gear down, and a ski rack for winter trips in the mountains.

Van lifers equipped with outdoor gear like mountain bikes can use the tiny home's air compressor.

For an extra touch of comfort, Ulusaba also comes with colorful floor mats, including a welcome mat.

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