PlayStation 5 games in the works at 'most' Sony studios – but there are unannounced PS4 games to come too

There are even reportedly discussions about the company's upcoming PS4 games becoming PS5 games, or at least being upgraded so they will work across both generations.

Niko Partners' Analyst Daniel Ahmad revealed what was hinted at by Sony's decision to skip E3 in 2019 — that most of their effort is going on games that can't be shown yet because the console you'll be playing them on hasn't been announced yet.

PlayStation 4 owners who feared that Sony's 2019 plans meant they didn't have any more PS4 games up their sleeves also have something to cheer from Ahmad's revelations.

Sony has "a couple of unannounced games" from existing franchises that are being developed with PS4 in mind that could be revealed soon.

There have been discussions about making those games playable on both PlayStation 4 and on the upcoming PlayStation 5, however, so early adopters won't miss out.

It follows news from a huge developer survey that fewer than half of developers' next games will be exclusive for current-generation hardware.

Sony is also focusing on expanding PlayStation Network services given the huge amounts of money gamers have been spending there this generation.

Ahmad revealed that Sony is projected to trouser a record amount of cash this year, and notch its highest-ever profit levels while doing so, thanks to the boom in "full game downloads, add on content and subscription services" being sold over PSN.

Sony's plans to expand "the services ecosystem around the PlayStation brand" could well come before the PS5, "but there is definitely a lot in the pipeline for next gen," Ahmad claims.

The expansion of services mirrors what Microsoft is up to, with its plans to bolster Xbox Live, and potentially release a new console reliant on digital services that can't even play games on disc.

The company is planning its usual big splash at E3 this year, with rumours of a download and streaming only Xbox One on the way before the Xbox Two, as well as news about its own game streaming service that could let you play Xbox games on any device you like.

It is also worth noting that plans from Amazon for a game streaming service and for a subscription service from Apple, possibly alongside a new iPod Touch that could be marketed as a games console.

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