The safest new cars you can buy in 2019 – from compact off-roaders to family wagons

But new car buyers are often sold by looks and special features over which model will provide them with the best protection.

When a new car hits the market, it undergoes rigorous testing by safety organisation Euro NCAP and is given a safety rating.

During the testing, a car crash is simulated to see how well the motor deals with coming in contact with another vehicle.

These top models have been approved with some of the highest ratings to give you peace of mind when driving.

Jaguar I-PACE – safest executive car

The Jaguar I-PACE is the stand out premium vehicle in terms of safety.

It scored 91 per cent in NCAP's adult occupant safety test and 81 per cent in child-occupant safety.

As well as six airbags, the five-door has an external sound system that sends out a low hum at speeds under 12mph to make pedestrians and cyclists aware the car is approaching.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class – safest small family car

The A-Class was crowned the overall safest car of 2018, and the stand out performer in the Small Family Car category.

It scored over 90 per cent in three out of four categories, including a 92 per cent measure for Vulnerable Road Users due to its deployable bonnet able to help protect pedestrians.

Protection for the driver and all passengers were deemed to be in the highest two categories.

Lexus ES – safest large family car

Receiving the best in class award for the Large Family Car, the ES also scored the second highest rating for protection of pedestrians.

Like the A-Class, its deployable bonnet can detect when a person has been hit, and is able lift up instantly, offering a bigger distance between the pedestrian and the engine to reduce injury.

The Lexus also received a 91 per cent Adult occupant score.

Audi Q3 – safest small off-road car

The SUV recorded a five-star NCAP rating thanks to its 95 per cent adult occupant level.

The popular off roader also secured child occupant ratings of 86 per cent thanks to its front, side and overhead airbags.

And as an anti-theft feature, it's equipped with an ignition disable device that can prevent your engine from starting if the original manufacturer key isn't used.

Hyundai Nexo – safest large off-road car

Like the Mercedes-Benz A-Class and Lexus ES, the large SUV secured a five-star rating from Euro NCAP.

The Nexo has an adult occupant rating of 94 per cent and a child occupant rating of 87 per cent.

It's most attractive safety feature is it's automatic emergency braking system which can detect pedestrians and cyclists.

Ford Tourneo Connect – safest multi-purpose vehicle

Whether you're helping a friend move or transporting the family, the Tourneo Connect is the safest option in the MPV category.

The multi-purpose vehicle has an in-built sensor that measures the distance between cars and applies the brakes when other vehicles significantly reduce their speed.

The impressive car recorded an adult occupant rating of 92 per cent and a child occupant scoring of 79 per cent.

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