Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax could face articles of impeachment Monday

Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax on Sunday appeared headed on a political collision course with a little known state delegate from his own party who pledged to introduce articles of impeachment Monday if the 39-year-old Democrat refused to resign.

Fairfax is one of three top Virginia political leaders engulfed in an ongoing firestorm of scandal. Gov. Ralph Northam and Attorney General Mark Herring, also Democrats, admitted to wearing blackface at parties in the 1980s, while Fairfax faced more serious accusations of sexual assault he repeatedly has denied.

Del. Patrick Hope said the state constitution “states very clearly that impeachment should be for high crimes and misdemeanors. There is no question that violent sexual assault clearly qualifies as high crime.”

Fairfax reaffirmed his innocence and his intention to remain in office on Saturday. He called for “space in this moment for due process” and for an FBI investigation. The FBI declined to comment.

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