You could now get paid £100 to eat KFC as new job advert hits the internet

When it comes to our hobbies, we’d put eating KFC right near the top of our skill set, so it’s about time someone started paying us for our time.

A website called Testers Keepers is on the hunt for two chicken loving secret diners to eat a variety of food from KFC’s menu, for no money at all.

Not only will you not pay for your fried chicken dinner, but Testers Keepers will also give you a £100 voucher to spend at the chain. Dreamy.

Sadly, it’s not all as easy as it sounds, as you’ll need to sign up, fill in a short survey about your dining habits and then ultimately be selected, in order to take part in chicken eating extravaganza.

However, it is worth noting that a similar offering to this that promised to pay people for reviewing their experience at Aldi, turned out to be a scam , so do be wary when entering your personal details online.

We’ve contacted KFC to ask them whether the study is real or not, and are still waiting on a reply, so it might be worth holding off on entering any of your information for now before we know whether it’s safe or not to sign up.

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