Fed Programs, Mexico Rates, Frustrated With Argentina: Eco Day

Welcome to Friday, Americas. Here’s the latest news and analysis from Bloomberg Economics to help take you through to the weekend:

  • The Federal Reserve’s flotilla of emergency lending programs, launched this spring to stabilize markets and extend credit to U.S. companies as the Covid-19 pandemic took hold, faces anuncertain future
  • U.S. President Donald Trump signed an orderbarring American investments in Chinese firms owned or controlled by the military, the latest White House bid to pressure Beijing over what it views as abusive business practices
  • Global companies are growing ever morefrustrated with Argentina
  • Mexico’s central bank wants to better evaluate the recent increase in the country’s inflation rate before considering a further reduction to its benchmark interest rate, Governor Alejandro Diaz de Leon said
  • Without free trade and a cap on carbon, theglobal economy risks losing the entire GDP of China and the U.S. combined, according to Bloomberg Economics
  • Alternative, high-frequency data show that economic activity in a number of major advanced economiesdropped sharply in the first weeks of November, according to Bloomberg Economics
  • Joe Biden’s election is serving up arude reality check for U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s desire to quickly close a trade deal with the U.S., a project that has until now depended heavily on the whims of President Donald Trump
  • Fifteen Asia-Pacific nations including China aim toclinch the world’s largest free-trade agreement this weekend

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