Brussels crisis: Fears of devastating EU exodus after MEP names bloc’s ‘Brexit suspects’

Brexit: Karas names ‘suspects’ who may follow UK out of EU

There are many contenders among member-states to leave the bloc after the UK’s transition period with the EU ends, according to an Austrian MEP. Othmar Karas told the European Parliament that there are several “Brexit suspects amongst us” who jeopardise the future of the bloc. Mr Karas, who represents the European People’s Party grouping, also accused the UK of “arrogance and duplicity” during the Brexit talks.

The Austrian MEP explained: “We must also learn the consequences from Brexit in the debate over the future of Europe

“We must learn the lessons from Brexit in the way we deal with one another.

“There are many Brexit suspects amongst us in Hungary and Poland and other member states.

“Those who break shared laws and play off the interests of their citizens are not contributing to securing a common future.”

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Mr Karas added: “Withdrawals do not solve problems. None of the Brexit promises can be delivered except for withdrawal and that is a defeat.”

On Brexit, he continued: “We are are trying to defend the rights and values of the European Union.

“We are defending the rights of the citizens, and we are working to ensure fairness. That is the basis of the negogiations.

“On the other side of the Channel, unfortunately, what has been asserted is a form of tactics made up of cherry-picking and arrogance and duplicity to their own citizens.

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“We are prepared to negotiate but also prepared for every situation. That is why we are adopting contingency plans for a no deal scenario.”

Also in the European Parliament on Friday, Belgian MEP Geert Bourgeois warned of the “horrendous” impact of a no deal Brexit on the EU economy, as he warned that more countries could leave the bloc.

Tensions between the EU and Hungary and Poland flared again on Thursday when the EU’s top court in three separate cases took issue with Hungary and Poland’s application of EU rules.


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The cases involved the way Hungary treats asylum seekers and how judicial independence in Poland is at risk from political interference.

Hungary and Poland have been at odds with the rest of the EU member states for weeks after they threatened to veto the bloc’s landmark stimulus package.

They protested a plan to link EU funds to upholding democratic norms.

In the end, Germany led an EU compromise by offering Poland and Hungary reassurances over how the new conditions will be applied.

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