Donald Trump Tweets Video Of People Saying He Would Never Win Election

As if Americans needed a reminder.

President Donald Trump on Sunday yet again harkened back to his election victory 20 months ago by posting a video montage of those who said he would never win.

“They just didn’t get it, but they do now!” Trump wrote in the Twitter post.

The sequence begins with Homer Simpson following Trump down the escalator at Trump Tower in an animated goof on Trump’s real candidacy announcement in 2015.

A parade of famous naysayers ― including George Clooney, Barack Obama, Stephen Colbert and Elizabeth Warren ― follow with certain-sounding predictions that Trump could never capture the presidency.

The clip eventually cuts to election night as a forecasted Hillary Clinton landslide turns into a Trump upset.

The video appears to have been produced shortly after his victory, so it is unclear why he decided to share it now.

Perhaps he needed a diversion while deciding on his nominee to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy.

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