Sackville-Cobequid byelection to be held next month

The Nova Scotia government has announced that the byelection for Sackville-Cobequid will be held on June 18.

The seat in the constituency opened up in November when NDP MLA Dave Wilson announced he was stepping down.

Halifax councillor Steve Craig will run for the Progressive Conservatives, Lara Fawthrop for the NDP, Michel Hindlet for the Liberals and Anthony Edmonds will represent the Greens.

Sackville-Cobequid has been a stronghold for the NDP, with Dave Wilson representing the riding since 2003. Prior to that, NDP MLA John Holm held the seat for over a decade.

McNeil had until Thursday to call the election.

Early voting for the byelection will open on Thursday, May 16. An advance poll will be held at the Knights of Columbus Council for seven days, from Saturday, June 8 to Saturday, June 15, except Sunday June 9.

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