This is what the 'new conservative movement' looks like

Joy Villa on the left: So glad I walked away and voted for Trump

Singer Joy Villa and #WalkAway Campaign founder Brandon Straka on the new campaign urging voters to ‘walk away’ from Democratic Party.

Singer Joy Villa and #WalkAway Campaign founder Brandon Straka joined FOX Business’ “Mornings with Maria” on Monday to discuss the movement that urges voters to “walk away” from the Democratic Party. However, the two may not match the definition of what some would call a "quintessential conservative."

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When Barron’s associate editor Jack Hough joked, “you two are too young and fashionable to be conservative,” Straka replied, “we say that all the time.”

“Joy and I [are] representative of what we think the new conservative movement is. It’s more diverse. It’s more inclusive. It’s more fashionable and I think it’s really cool that … we see such a broad spectrum now of different types of conservatives,” he added.

Villa, who is known for sticking up for her conservative beliefs on the red carpet, said the movement has already begun to resonate with young people.

“We hold town halls which get hundreds of people that come out and say ‘wow you’ve changed my viewpoint.’ ‘You’ve changed where I used to think I had to be a liberal because of my skin color, because of where I come from,'” she said. “I’m in Hollywood. So, I’m representing for people who are musicians and singers and actors who don’t have a voice, who cannot speak out and say ‘well I kind of like Donald Trump’ or ‘I kind of like what the ‘conservatives are doing’ and who look differently.”



When Bartiromo asked Villa whether she is treated differently in Hollywood because of her political views, she replied: “I’m blacklisted from many events.”

“Brendan and I got to do the Daytime Emmy’s together. We sort of pushed ourselves onto the red carpet. I wore a pro-life gown. He talked about #WalkAway. But you know, I’m blacklisted from many events. They don’t want me. Rolling Stone [magazine] has told my publicist they flat out will not write about me, which is crazy as the No. 1 recording artist on Billboard and Amazon and iTunes doing it independently.”

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