Trump Launches Series Of Lawsuits Over Counting As Biden Moves Closer To Victory

As Joe Biden is nearing 270 electoral votes as counting of postal ballots in the remaining six key battleground states progress, President Donald Trump’s team launched a series of lawsuits triggering fears that the U.S. presidential election result will be tangled in legal battle.

Two days after the election, the Democratic candidate has secured 253 electoral seats. Trump is far behind with 214 votes.

The final result hinges on the states of Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, Nevada, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

CNN reported that Biden won Wisconsin.

If that can be confirmed, Biden would need just Arizona and Nevada to seal victory by reaching the target of 270 electoral votes.

But the path is more tight for Trump, who needs to win Georgia (16 votes), North Carolina (15), Pennsylvania (20), and either Arizona (11) or Nevada (6) to reach the magical figure.

Trump’s lead in Georgia and Pennsylvania, which he won in 2016, has narrowed down.

According to reports, vote counting could extend until the end of Thursday to complete.

The Republican Party confirmed that they plan to file a lawsuit challenging vote counts in the key states of Nevada, Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Protests have already erupted in the city streets in favor and against counting of votes.

Biden, who has garnered a record 71.5 million popular votes, said he is confident of winning, but vowed not to declare victory until the counting was over.

In the Senate, both the parties have won 47 seats each. Either side needs 51 seats to have a majority.

Democrats lead Republicans 199-188 in House. The party that wins 218 seats will control the lower chamber.

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