What Can We Expect from the Biden Presidency?

After an emotional and stressful week of waiting for the U.S. presidential results to be announced, former vice president Joe Biden has been declared the president-elect. But what will Biden actually do when he’s in office?

The 46th president has announced ambitious plans throughout his campaign, ranging from healthcare to criminal justice. Below you’ll find a primer on his plans to address 10 of the country’s most pressing issues. Click each section title for Biden’s full proposals.


Amid a global pandemic that has killed more than 230,000 Americans, healthcare has never seemed like a more urgent issue. Biden, who was vice president during the passing of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), says he’ll build upon the landmark legislation to ensure that more Americans have access to healthcare. In expanding the ACA, Biden says he will give Americans the choice to purchase a public service health care plan. He has also pledged to lower premiums and broaden coverage of lower-income Americans by ensuring that states expand Medicare eligibility.

Biden stated that he’ll take prescription drug companies to task by ending their tax breaks for advertisement spending and limiting price increases on prescription drugs to ensure they’re not exploitative. He says he’ll also expand federal funding for mental health services and substance use disorder services and research.


The current administration’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic has been heavily criticized, but Biden says his plan will place science and health experts at the forefront. He is expected to announce a coronavirus task force on Monday, according to The Washington Post.

“On Monday, I will name a group of leading scientists and experts as transition advisers to help take the Biden-Harris COVID plan and convert it into an action blueprint that starts on Jan. 20, 2021,” the president-elect said in his victory speech on Saturday. “That plan will be built on a bedrock of science. It will be constructed out of compassion, empathy, and concern.”

“I’ll reach out to every governor in every state, red and blue, as well as mayors and local officials, during the transition, to find out what support they need and how much of it they need,” Biden also said during a recent speech at the Queen Theater in Wilmington, Delaware, per CNBC. “I’ll ask the new Congress to put a bill on my desk by the end of January with all the resources necessary, so that both our public health response and our economic response can be seen through to the end.”

Beyond the task force, Biden’s plan includes making testing widely available and free, releasing a daily public White House report on the country’s current cases, expanding surveillance testing, providing healthcare and frontline workers with adequate personal protective equipment, and accelerating the development of treatment and vaccines.

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