Cardio Diagnostics Shares Rise On Publication Of A Study On PrecisionCHD

Shares of Cardio Diagnostics Holdings, Inc. (CDIO) are up 65% on Monday following the announcement of a groundbreaking study on the development and validation of PrecisionCHD, an innovative AI-guided integrated genetic-epigenetic test that can accurately detect coronary heart disease (CHD) through a simple blood draw.

CDIO is trading on the Nasdaq at $1.64, up 65.65% or $0.65 per share. It has traded between $0.17 and $8.50 in the past 52-week period.

The test’s validation was published in the Journal of the American Heart Association(JAHA), in an article titled “The Validation of an Integrated Genetic-Epigenetic Test for the Assessment of Coronary Heart Disease”.

This achievement marks a significant leap in the diagnosis of CHD, as traditional diagnostic methods are often invasive, expose patients to ionizing radiation, and require specialized infrastructure, making them inaccessible to many.

PrecisionCHD’s introduction now provides clinicians with a powerful, scalable, non-invasive alternative for detecting CHD. The test uses personalized genetic and epigenetic information and AI to sensitively detect the presence of CHD.

It is the first integrated genetic-epigenetic test for CHD detection that uses the input from six methylation-sensitive digital PCR (MSdPCR) assessments to determine the presence or absence of CHD.

With PrecisionCHD, patients in underserved areas will now have access to state-of-the-art cardiac assessments through a simple blood draw. The test’s ability to be administered in primary care or telemedicine settings significantly reduces the need for patients from rural communities to travel to distant specialized clinics.

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