John Schneider rips 'narcissistic' Hollywood culture for being 'afraid to have independent thought'


John Schneider slams ‘narcissistic’ Hollywood’s dismissal of ‘patriotism, independent thought’

Actor and director John Schneider details his new film ‘To Die For,’ and criticizes Hollywood only caring about its pocketbooks.

Former "The Dukes of Hazzard" star John Schneider ripped Hollywood for going woke and caring only about the "bottom line" as he said he has been forced to produce his new film without any major studio backing.

"All the celebrities, God bless their cute little souls, they owe their soul to the company store," Schneider said on "Varney & Co." Friday. "They're afraid to have independent thought, they're afraid to say something that's outside of the consumer norm."

Schneider’s newly released film, "To Die For," was directed and produced independently without major studio backing. In the movie, Schneider stars alongside his wife in a story that defends patriotism, freedom of speech and the American flag.

The storyline follows reclusive veteran Quint North, who takes a public stand for his personal freedoms after receiving a court order to keep his American flag-flying El Camino truck away from a local high school, a press release details.


"We made this movie with a crew of under 10 people over the last 10 months because we had to," Schneider said in the release. "The madness has gotten to the point where something must be done. All great movements and reclamations begin with a single thought and a God-given means of expression. This is mine."

Actor John Schneider, known for his role as Bo Duke in “The Dukes of Hazzard,” says Hollywood is “afraid to have independent thought” on “Varney & Co.” Friday, October 21, 2022. (Getty Images)

The actor told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney that he never even approached Hollywood directors with the script.

"I'm not that naive. I know that Hollywood would not support this. Hollywood does not really support anything independent," Schneider said. "Their public persona is so narcissistic that they don't want anyone to know that really all they are is a line-item in some group of billionaires' investment portfolio."

In April, comedian Adam Carolla also voiced similar sentiments on "Varney & Co.," discussing the hypocrisy that engulfs the entertainment industry.

"I was done with more lectures coming at me from Hollywood 20 years ago, but that's what they do," Carolla had said. "They’re some of the worst, narcissistic people in the world, and then they put a pin on with a rainbow on it and somehow all is forgiven."

 John Schneider, Tom Wopat and Ben Jones (left to right} as Bo Duke, Luke Duke and Cooter, respectively, in the TV series ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’, circa 1983. (Getty Images)

Hollywood is all about "business" and the "bottom line," Schneider argued, saying studios will put their pocketbook before values.

"Hollywood's idea of patriotism is being able to identify and to sell to a very persuadable and active and wealthy, or having a lot of disposable income, group of people," Schneider said. "Hollywood is about sales. You can't blame them for that, but they're about the bottom line because they answer to another group."



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Making the film through an independent distributor is "key" for the movie’s success, Schneider claimed, agreeing with Varney that autonomy makes it more difficult to be "canceled."

"I don't enjoy the hypocrisy of talking against the machine publicly, and then secretly trying to make a side deal with Netflix. I don't believe that," the noted. "I understand looking at the bottom line, but you've got to draw a line somewhere. I draw it at disrespecting our flag and all of those who have been willing to and have given their lives to provide us with freedoms that I know I certainly haven't paid a dime for. I am forever in their debt."

Last year on Varney's show, Schneider gave advice to others looking to stand up against woke influence.

"If you are going to complain about the powers that be in Hollywood, what you really need to have already done is pick up your little shovel and your little bucket and leave their sandbox and start your own," he said.


FOX Business’ Alicia Warren contributed to this report.

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