Rooster Teeth And Warner Bros. Discovery Access Announce Shortlist For Second Annual Rooster Teeth Digital Creators Program

Rooster Teeth and Warner Bros.Discovery Access announced the finalists for their Rooster Teeth Digital Creators Program, now in its second year. Out of more than 400 applicants, eight aspiring and emerging digital talent content creators were selected to widen diverse, equitable, and inclusive representation. 

The Rooster Teeth Digital Creators Program was established to provide underrepresented digital talent a platform to break through to new audiences, while also providing them with the tools and opportunities to succeed as content creators. The paid mentorship and training from Rooster Teeth and Warner Bros. Discovery will occur over three months, including a one-month residency in Austin. Chosen creators may also be eligible for a 1-year Rooster Teeth talent contract. 

“We’re immensely proud to introduce the standout creators selected for year two of the Rooster Teeth Digital Creators Program,” said Jejuan Guillory, Rooster Teeth’s Head of Programming & Development. “This remarkable cohort epitomizes our commitment to fostering diverse voices. We’re excited to support their growth as content creators and to provide new opportunities for experience through partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery Access.”

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The 2023 finalists for the Rooster Teeth Digital Creators Program are: 

  • Josh Aries (“josharies”): Vancouver-based filmmaker that makes action-packed, fan-favorite films, striving to tell stories that exemplify perseverance, hope, and absurdity.
  • Goofywise (“goofywise”): Sacramento-based variety creator spreading laughter and inspiration online through TikTok and Twitch. Charismatic, hilarious, and uplifting.
  • Madi DuVernay (“madiduvernay”): Austin-based, queer, disabled Twitch streamer and TikToker who puts their focus on breaking the boundaries for creators like her.
  • Adrianah Lee (“adrianahlee”): Austin-based queer model, creator, and gamer who loves producing satirical skit comedy, embodying various characters in interviews and in Omegle.
  • Alluux (“alluux”): San Diego-based passionate streamer and content creator, bringing variety to the online world. Engaging, energetic, and community-driven.
  • KrystalShanelle (“krystalshanelle”): Los Angeles-based versatile content creator, influencer and entrepreneur who empowers others to embrace uniqueness and spread joy in the digital realm.
  • Alejandro (“alejmrod”): Florida-based content creator and actor who incorporates his love for gaming and geek culture into each of his YouTube videos.
  • Frankey Smith (“fantasticfrankey”): NYC-based creator, analyzing and critiquing fandom content. Challenging peers, she champions normalizing the Black Female voice in the Nerd Space.

The selected finalists have a passion for pop culture, comedy, gaming, and animation across the US and Canada. They will gain hands-on experience on professional sets, sponsored productions, and exposure to Warner Bros. Discovery executives. Finalists will also receive education and training encompassing production, marketing, business growth, technical skills, content development, partnerships, writing, improv, media training, and more.

For the 2023 program, over 400 submissions were received and vetted. To qualify for the program, applicants must have a minimum aggregate of 1,000 followers across relevant content platforms (YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, Instagram, Snap, and/or Facebook), but not to exceed 300,000 followers. For podcasters, applicant’s podcasts must average a minimum of 1,000 downloads per episode. Participants were chosen by a distinguished panel of Rooster Teeth and Warner Bros. Discovery executives. 

The 2023 Advisory Council is made up of executives across Warner Bros. Discovery’s many brands and businesses. Council members and other prominent guests will deliver Masterclasses and workshops throughout the program and work with the cohort on branded content activations, giving them invaluable hands-on experience.

Rooster Teeth is celebrating its 20th year as a leading digital content platform with roots among the first-ever viral video creators online with “Red vs. Blue” in 2003. Participants will shadow Rooster Teeth producers on-set and appear as guests on-camera across Rooster Teeth’s portfolio of channel brands, including Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, All Good No Worries, and Inside Gaming. Creators will also gain experience across some of their most popular podcasts, including 30 Morbid Minutes, Red Web, Face Jam, and the Rooster Teeth Podcast.

The program will culminate with a Talent Showcase event, where industry execs will view participants’ work. At the end of the three-month program, some participants may be eligible to receive an offer for a 1-year Rooster Teeth talent contract. 

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