Senator Chuck Schumer Urges FDA To Investigate Prime Energy Drink Promoted By YouTube Influencers

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, a Democrat from New York, has called on the Food and Drug Administration to conduct an investigation into Prime, a sports drink that is partially owned and promoted by YouTube influencers Logan Paul and KSI. Schumer’s concerns stem from the high levels of caffeine present in the beverage, which he believes could pose a risk to children.

In a statement, Schumer emphasized the popularity of the drink among children, stating that it has become a coveted status symbol for young people. He warned that parents and buyers should exercise caution due to the potential health risks associated with the product, which is heavily marketed towards children.

Prime, the company behind the energy drink, has defended its product by highlighting the warning labels on its packaging, which explicitly state that the beverages are “not recommended for children under 18.” The company also offers an alternative, a non-caffeinated sports drink called Prime Hydration.

Schumer argued that the online marketing of Prime’s energy drink is very similar to that of its non-caffeinated counterpart, leading many parents to mistakenly believe they are purchasing a healthier option for their children. As a result, they may unknowingly expose their children to the potentially harmful effects of excessive caffeine consumption.

While Prime is promoted as a vegan product with zero sugar, its energy drink contains 200 milligrams of caffeine per 12 ounces. This amount is equivalent to approximately six cans of Coca-Cola or two Red Bull energy drinks. Some schools in Australia and the United Kingdom have already banned the energy drink due to concerns raised by pediatricians about potential health issues in children, including heart problems, anxiety, and digestive issues.

The brand gained significant attention among younger consumers, leading to long queues at grocery stores and even reports of a resale market for the energy drink within schoolyards. Last month, Prime announced a partnership with FC Barcelona, one of the world’s most valuable sports franchises and a prominent soccer club in Europe.

Schumer highlighted the extensive sponsored content on social media platforms related to Prime and called for an investigation into the claims made and an examination of the ingredients and caffeine content of the energy drink.

The request by Schumer underscores the need for regulatory scrutiny and consumer awareness when it comes to products marketed to young individuals, particularly those that may carry potential health risks.

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