Voucher redemption push bears fruit for appy customer – The Crusader

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The risk of being left out of pocket if a company fails is not the only pitfall as Cathy Palmer found when her good intentions failed to bear fruit.

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She came to Crusader after choosing to treat her husband with £450 that a friend owed her and was now repaying.

“My husband had been wanting an Apple watch so I asked her for Apple Store gift vouchers,” says Cathy.

Once received she quickly redeemed them following instructions on the back of the card.

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It was only after that she discovered her slip. What the friend had sent was a credit for Apple’s mobile apps used with its operating systems. These cost in the main a couple of £s compared to the high value watches, phones and computers available through its store option.

“It would take forever to realise the value through the apps,” Cathy despaired. 

“I explained the mistake to Apple, they said they did offer an exchange but, after a review of my case, said it was not possible. Basically I’ve lost over £400 which is a lot to me.”

But could it dig deep and help Cathy, we asked Apple and the answer is ‘yes’ she has been told. 

“I’m so pleased to be getting a refund,” she said. “I’m going to tread very carefully with any gift voucher from now on.”

(Cathy’s name has been changed)

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