Andrew Marr confronts Angela Rayner over her language and ‘scum’ rant in tense clash

Andrew Marr lays into Angela Rayner over Tory 'scum' rant

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Labour’s Angela Rayner has been called out by Andrew Marr for her use of language when attacking the Conservative Party. Mr Rayner was forced to apologise last month after a recording emerged from the Labour Conference showing the MP branding Tories as “scum.” Mr Marr told the Labour MP on Sunday: “Let’s remind ourselves… ‘we cannot get any worse than a bunch of scum, homophobic, racist, misogynist, absolute pile of Banana Republic Etonian piece of scum.’

“Now, you’ve apologised for that language? Can I ask whether you accept that that kind of language undermines faith in politics generally?

Mr Rayner replied: “Well, I’ve absolutely apologised for using the word scum and I think that was right to do so especially with the discourse at the moment.

“You see Boris Johnson every day have you apologised to him? You are in the House of Commons with him,” pressed Marr.

The Labour Deputy Leader replied: “I have asked Andrew… this is really important…I have asked Boris Johnson to meet with me because I did lay some serious allegations because of his past comments.


“I have said about them being homophobic, racist and misogynist and I have asked for him to meet with me to discuss that because I actually think all of us have responsibility around our language.

“I apologise for using that language and I stand by that apology.

“But I do think that others including the Prime Minister should apologise for the language that he’s used in the past which has led to public discourse as well.”

Mr Marr asked: “If he gets on the phone do later today and agrees to that meeting will you apologise at that meeting for the language you’ve used?


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