Blair recalls brutal Brown put down on first Labour address ‘That’s how you do a speech!’

Tony Blair recalls Brown’s conference speech advice

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Tony Blair was interviewed for BBC2’s Blair & Brown: The New Labour Revolution which documented the close relationship and subsequent fallout between him and Gordon Brown in the 2000s. The programme covered the close relationship between the two with Mr Blair remembering a fond memory of Mr Brown who he credits for teaching him how to write speeches. Mr Blair pointed towards his first Labour Party conference speech and said Mr Brown had taught him so well he forgot where he was in his address and recalled a brutal lesson from then shadow chancellor.

Speaking on BBC2’s Blair & Brown: The New Labour Revolution documentary which looked at New Labour’s rise to power, Mr Blair recalled how Mr Brown would often help him write speeches.

Mr Blair credited the former chancellor with teaching him how to write speeches and remembered a moment where he helped write his first Labour conference address.

He explained: “The first time I addressed the Labour Party conference was when I was employment spokesperson.

“And I remember showing Gordon the speech the night before… it had all the policies there… and I remember Gordon looking at it and saying you’re not in front of a high court judge this is the Labour Party conference, this is what you do.

“You say for a hundred years the Labour Party has campaigned for a minimum wage etc.

“He schooled me so well I was completely unprepared for the enormous reception and I lost my place halfway through.”

The documentary then showed Mr Blair stuttering on stage as he desperately tries to pick up from where he left off.

Mr Blair then remarked: “I came off the stage and thinking, so that’s how you make a speech…”

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In the documentary, former Labour leader Neil Kinnock noted how close Mr Blair and Mr Brown were and how they spent a lot of time together helping each other with tasks.

He explained the demeanour and style of Mr Blair were complemented by the intellect and stature of Mr Brown who could be seen as the next Labour leader.

Blair & Brown: The New Labour Revolution is a five-part series airing on BBC2 which includes interviews from Mr Blair and Mr Brown about their time in office together.

Aides and allies of the two are also featured in the documentary with communication assistants Alistair Campbell and Peter Mandelson sharing their experiences in the Labour Party.

Viewers of the documentary praised the production value of the show and felt nostalgic about that period in politics.

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@Jamestanyer6 wrote: “Totally gripped by #blairbrown fascinating time in UK politics, and the rest of it is on iplayer so that’s tomorrow night sorted.”

@Gregarticles added: “Anyone bemused at why Labour have been out of power since 2010, why Jeremy Corbyn lost two elections and why Keir Starmer is going nowhere, needs to watch the BBC 2 Blair/Brown New Labour documentary.

“They had the Tories running for the hills.”

@whomewrong commented: “Watched the Blair/Brown programme, it’s Deja vu. Rayner and the like have taken the LP back 30 years! It’s incredible what’s happening, but they can’t see it, why?”

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