Boris Johnson kicks off major speech with brutal Corbyn dig ‘Corduroy Communist cosmonaut’

Boris Johnson on sending ‘corduroy communist cosmonaut into orbit’

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Speaking at the close of the Manchester conference the Prime Minister praised the landslide 2019 general election victory against Labour’s “corduroy Communist cosmonaut” Jeremy Corbyn.

He slammed: “It is the first time since so many of you worked to defy the sceptics by winning councils and communities the Conservatives have never won in before such as Hartlepool.

“And in fact it is the first time since the General Election of 2019…

“When we finally sent that corduroy Communist cosmonaut into orbit where he belongs!”

His comments sparked laughter from the Tory party faithful before he continued in his speech praising his response to Covid.

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He added: “And why is it that we are back today for a traditional Conservative cheek-by-jowl-er…

“It is because for months we have had one of the most open economies and societies…

“And on July 19 we decided to open every single theatre and every concert hall and nightclub in England.”

Mr Johnson followed up praise for his Covid response with another yet another joke as he referenced Michael Gove’s attendance at a nightclub in Aberdeen.

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He said: “We knew some people would be nervous.

“That is why we sent our top government representatives to our sweatiest (nightclubs)”

Mr Johnson said Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster’s presence in the nighclub was “proof” that “anyone could dance perfectly safely” in nightclubs.

The Prime Minister has also used his speech to set out his ambitions for “change” to turn the UK into a “high wage economy”.


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He outlined his vision to level up the country and improve standards across the UK to ensure some areas were not “geographically fated to be poorer than others”.

Mr Johnson said: “That’s the direction in which the country is going now – towards a high-wage, high-skilled, high-productivity and, yes, thereby a low-tax economy.

“That is what the people of this country need and deserve.

“Yes, it will take time, and sometimes it will be difficult, but that is the change that people voted for in 2016.”

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