Brexit Britain to secure US ‘energy security partnership’

Rishi Sunak under pressure as majority of Brits want to rejoin EU

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According to The Telegraph, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is set to announce a major energy deal between the UK and the United States following the COP27 summit in Egypt. The energy crisis, which has been inflamed by Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, has seen the UK attempt to secure energy deals with other nations amid blackout warnings.

A deal with the US has been on the table for months and now talks over the “energy security partnership” have reached the final stages.

According to the broadsheet, former Prime Minister Liz Truss was in talks with President Joe Biden about the agreement and it was hoped that the package would be announced on October 21.

However, Truss’ resignation saw the announcement plan scrapped and picked up again by Sunak.

It is hoped the partnership will see the US sell billions of cubic metres of liquified natural gas to the UK over the next year.

Rishi Sunak’s attendance at the climate change summit saw him urge world leaders to “honour” their pledge to tackle climate change.

Meanwhile, former Prime Minister Boris Johnson encouraged leaders to continue with their net-zero ambitions.

The details of the new energy alliance with the US will be revealed following Sunak’s visit to Egypt.

Despite the conflicting message of COP27 and a new deal importing fossil fuels, the threat to the UK’s energy security is seen as a pressing issue which the US partnership will address.

Brits have been warned that the impact of the war in Ukraine could mean blackouts are experienced this winter.

The National Grid claimed that the war caused “unprecedented turmoil and volatility in energy markets in Europe and beyond”.

It is thought that senior Tories will appreciate the deal as concerns have been raised of net zero pledges overtaking the issue of rising household energy bills.

The announcement of the deal is expected within the next week or two and has not changed much since the talks between Truss and Biden, according to the Telegraph.

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According to sources in the UK, it is hoped that the deal will secure 10billion cubic metres of liquified natural gas to the UK and will see the scope moving wider into renewables as well.

The EU secured 15billion cubic metres from the US and the energy partnership will be hailed as a positive step in moving away from Russian energy important.

With Brexit Britain’s ability to secure a larger number of deals since it left the EU, the UK is also engaged in talks with Norway and Qatar to secure an even larger energy deal than the one with the US.

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