Brexit LIVE: BBC row explodes over presenter U-turn -‘Leftie and anti-Brexit’ Beeb slammed

GB News: Dan Wootton calls Nina Myskow 'a massive Remoaner'

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The corporation yesterday withdrew its job offer to former LBC presenter Matthew Stadlen after recent Twitter posts emerged of him repeatedly attacking Boris Johnson and the Tories, suggesting Brexit was not a “good idea”, and even saying he was thinking of running to be a Labour MP. But GB News host Dan Wootton claimed the BBC was only backtracking because they “got found out”, adding that the row “says it all” about the Beeb.

Mr Wootton fumed on Twitter: “Only because they got found out. This (now withdrawn) hiring says it all about the BBC. Virtually every presenter they have is a massive leftie. Many despise Boris. Most are staunchly opposed to Brexit.”

Addressing the BBC withdrawing its job offer, Mr Stadlen insisted he would have been “religiously impartial”.

A BBC spokesperson said: “We have many conversations with a diverse range of potential presenters. We had offered him some temporary work but our plans have changed for now.”


Pelosi slapped down in Brexit ‘snake oil’ trade deal row

Nancy Pelosi has been slapped down in a Brexit “snake oil” trade deal row and stands accused of treating the UK “callously”.

London and Brussels are failing to reach an agreement on the Northern Ireland Protocol following months of stalling talks.

The US recently waded into the row, openly backing the EU and urging UK negotiators to pick up their act.

Former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib said American leaders should “get out of British constitutional matters”.

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