Brexit protocol: Boris Johnson warned full implementation would mean ‘chaos on streets’

Brexit: Bryson issues warning against protocol implementation

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Loyalist activist Jamie Bryson has warned the ongoing row over the Northern Ireland protocol poses a “serious threat to peace and security” in Northern Ireland. He has argued that the Brexit deal as currently agreed between the UK and EU amounts to the “colonisation” of Northern Ireland into an “economic union.” It comes amid much anger from the Loyalist and Unionist community at what they see as the altered constitutional status of Northern Ireland within the United Kingdom.

Mr Bryson told “There would be chaos on the streets of Northern Ireland.

“I mean it would be the colonisation and the subjection of Northern Ireland within an economically united Ireland.

He added: “I think people are fed up with the hostile Irish Government.

“So I mean it would be crazy, the protocol has it sits at the minute is a serious threat to peace and security in Northern Ireland.

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“I mean if the notion was that the answer to that was more protocol.

“I mean it would just be extraordinarily naive.”

Meanwhile, DUP leader Jeffrey Donaldson has blasted the diversion of trade from Great Britain as a result of the Northern Ireland protocol during a fiery speech on Brexit.

Mr Donaldson said: “I’m not prepared to land my hand to a protocol that so fundamentally undermines the union, the economic integrity of the United Kingdom, and Northern Ireland’s position in it.”

Northern Ireland protocol 'provides no protection' says Donaldson

He went on to say: “We were told that the principle of consent would safeguard our position within the United Kingdom, and prevent any constitutional change to our status unless it had the consent of the people of Northern Ireland.

The DUP leader also referenced recent remarks by the former First Minister for Northern Ireland, David Trimble.

Mr Donaldson remarked: “Indeed, Lord Trimble, one of the key authors of the Belfast agreement, has recently written that the Northern Ireland protocol has not only subverted the safeguards within the Belfast Agreement, causing civic unrest and political uncertainty, but it has also damaged the Northern Ireland economy.”

He continued: “There can be no doubt that the Northern Ireland Protocol is not just having and creating a threat to the economic integrity of the United Kingdom, it is having real-world impacts on our economy.

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“Senior economist at the University of Ulster’s Business School, Dr Esmond Birnie, recently suggested that the cost of the Northern Ireland Protocol could be in the region of £850 million a year.

“How many operations in the health service could we have with £850 million a year?

“How many new schools could we build for our children with £850 a year? Wasted because the EU persists with imposing a protocol we believe is entirely unnecessary.”

Donaldson told the press conference that the protocol risked fundamentally undermining the union and damaging its economic integrity, and had broken the “principle of consent” that had been written into the Northern Ireland peace process. 

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