Brexit talks timeline in full – key moments to watch for today

Johnson on the ‘best way forward’ for Brexit and Northern Ireland

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Rishi Sunak will meet with Ursula von der Leyen today in what is set to be the final round of talks on the Northern Ireland Protocol. The Prime Minister has said the deal is what is “best for Britain” and it “finishes the job”. An agreement is said to be close after years of fraught Brexit negotiations.

Here’s how the day will pan out.

Late lunchtime

Mr Sunak and Ms von der Leyen are due to commence talks around late lunchtime, with an aim to resolve any outstanding issues.

When today’s schedule was announced Downing Street officials said: “The leaders are expected to meet late lunchtime for final talks.

“The Prime Minister wants to ensure any deal fixes the practical problems on the ground, ensures trade flows freely within the whole of the UK, safeguards Northern Ireland’s place in our Union and returns sovereignty to the people of Northern Ireland.”

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This afternoon

Following the talks between the Prime Minister and European Commission President, a Cabinet meeting will take place.

There, Number 10 officials said: “The Prime Minister, Foreign Secretary and Secretary of State for Northern Ireland will update on the talks”.

Late afternoon

Should a final deal be agreed today, Mr Sunak and Ms von der Leyen will hold a joint press conference.

This will be only a short conference, followed by the PM going to the House of Commons to give a statement on the agreement.

All day

Several MPs are said to be on “resignation watch” dependent on the deal. These include Home Secretary Suella Braverman, Foreign Secretary James Cleverly and Leader of the House Penny Mordaunt.

Mr Sunak will be watching for a potential Tory rebellion, as some of his own MPs have warned they will hit back if European judges keep any type of say over Northern Ireland.

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