Covid crackdown: Patel lists rule breaks police are targeting – ‘Health of nation at RISK’

UK lockdown: Police chief discusses fines for rule breakers

The Home Secretary revealed the shocking statistic this evening as she warned the police would crack down on Brits breaking lockdown. She was joined by Martin Hewitt, Chair of National Police Chiefs’ Council who outlined some of the rule breaches officers were forced to deal with.

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“A stubborn number of people have refused to abide by the regulations and we have had to use enforcement powers,” he said.

“At this critical time we will have more officers out on dedicated patrols, to take action against the small few who are letting us all down.”

Giving examples of when police had taken action, he listed: “A boat party in Hertfordshire, with more than 40 people who paid £30 each for a ticket.

“A minibus full of people from different households travelling from Cheltnham into Wales to go for a walk.

“And in Surrey we issued a £10,000 fine for a party who was trying to claim that it was a business event.”

Ms Patel said in a direct message to the nation: “My message today to anyone refusing to do the right thing is simple.

“If you don’t play your part, our selfless police officers, who are out there risking their won lives every day to keep us safe, will enforce the regulations.

“I will back them to do so, to protect our NHS and to save lives.”

The Conservative Minister said “far too often” police officers were risking their health and lives by “coming into close contact with people, including those who deny the very existence of coronavirus, to keep us all safe”.

Praising those following the rules, she added: “I want to say thank you to the millions of people who are putting our country’s collective health first.”

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