DeSantis Is Heckled During Iowa Bus Tour

Ron DeSantis’s six-stop bus tour began inauspiciously on Friday, when he was drowned out by two women who heckled the Florida governor with cowbells and a bullhorn during his first event of the day, about 40 miles west of Des Moines.

They greeted DeSantis with chants protesting his policies as Florida governor on L.G.B.T.Q. issues, gender identity and education. “Go back to Florida,” they shouted in unison as DeSantis emerged from his campaign bus at the Freedom Rock, a patriotically painted boulder in Menlo, Iowa.

“Racist, fascist, anti-gay, Ron DeSantis, go away,” they chanted.

At one point, a minor fracas ensued between one of the women and a man who was there to welcome DeSantis. Handlers for the governor and local law enforcement stepped in between them. The governor’s remarks were mostly muffled by the chants, and his aides quickly escorted journalists away from the scene to an awaiting travel van.

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