Furious revolt launched against hated SNP scheme – Sturgeon’s plan to be dragged to court

Sajid Javid says vaccine passports ‘will not be going ahead’

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The SNP-led Scottish Government want proof of double vaccination to be required to get into nightclubs and large events from October 1. But the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) Scotland this morning instructed its legal team “commence proceedings” against the plans.

In a statement, the body which represents Scottish nightlife said the scheme is “likely to be unlawful” because it is “neither proportionate” nor “represents the lowest level of intervention possible to achieve the public health imperative.”

It added: “This vaccine passport scheme as currently proposed raises serious issues with definition, market distortion, discrimination, resource allocation and economic impact amongst others, and had Scottish Government been prepared to work with sectoral experts in the earliest stages of policy formulation some of these deep-rooted problems may have been avoidable.”

The group stressed it had been “engaged in dialogue” over the last few weeks with the Scottish Government but made clear the dialogue did not result in “meaningful consultation between Government and the sector.”


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