GB News’ Dan Wootton’s withering attack on BBC: ‘A blundering, woke mess!’

Dan Wootton claims ‘doomsday scientists’ have taken control

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Mr Wootton left many viewers of GB News delighted with his current affairs show after hosting what many described as a “refreshing” lockdown debate. While presenting his 9pm show last week, Mr Wootton began by addressing the topic of the UK lockdown extension. This came as 49 backbench Conservative MPs rebelled and voted against an extension to the lockdown, and former Prime Minister Theresa May chose to abstain from the vote alongside 12 other Tories, after being highly critical of the ongoing regulations.

As the Talk Radio star opened up the discussion to the rest of his panel, he introduced his four live guests – which included political correspondent Tom Harwood, Free Speech presenter Andrew Doyle, and comedian Konstantin Kisin.

After the four went toe-to-toe on different aspects of the lockdown, many viewers of the evening show flocked to social media to share how pleased they were with the broadcast.

One impressed user tweeted: “Watching Dan Wootton on GB News is so much more civilised and intelligent debate for a change.”

A second one agreed, penning: “Fair point by Dan Wootton, unlike in the past, opposition to this extension to lifting COVID-19 restrictions can’t be dismissed as a bunch of cranks.

“A good range of Tory MPs voted against/abstained from it last night because they had no legitimate excuse to tell their constituents.”

The former The Sun and Talk Radio journalist is famous for his sharp opinions.

It is no surprise he is now working for GB News – a new news channel and self-proclaimed antidote to the “metropolitan bias” of mainstream media, embodied by legacy broadcasters the BBC and Sky News.

Mr Wootton has been particularly critical of the public broadcaster in recent years.

In a column written last summer for The Sun, Mr Wootton accused the BBC of being a “blundering, woke mess of an organisation, no longer fit for purpose”.

He argued the BBC no longer reports the real news of the UK, but instead, it tries to shape it.

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He wrote: “What do the Guardian-reading, quinoa-munching vegans of London’s Islington think we should care about? And what do they believe happened?

“Forget opinion polls and ignore facts on the ground, but listen to extremist lobby groups and the woketopians who spend all day outraging each other on Twitter.”

Mr Wootton made the example of Newsnight, insisting the current affairs programme is now a rogue, partisan operation that represents everything that’s wrong about the BBC.

He added: “The nightly news show is shamelessly out of touch, moronically preachy and totally hypocritical.

“As a result, very few people watch it — but it’s the toast of Beeb journos and left-wing social media, giving it undeserved influence over our daily news agenda.”

He concluded: “The BBC hates everything we love about Britain.

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“They are repelled by patriotism. They cannot stand anyone who dares not vote Labour or Lib Dem.

“They will never forgive Brexit voters for destroying their European fantasy.”

BBC Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis defended the accusations of bias last year, saying that people often think something is a conspiracy when it is actually a “confluence of cock-ups”.

She told The Observer at the time: “I’m not sure I buy the argument that the public is more mistrustful – the debate will always garner that kind of traction because anything the BBC does is always in the spotlight.

“So often people read conspiracy into a thing when it’s really a confluence of cock-ups and the wrong button being pressed at the wrong time, or the guest you wanted gets into the wrong taxi and doesn’t show up.”

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