House lawmakers may get Afghanistan briefings as soon as next week

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Key House lawmakers could get a briefing as soon as next week on the critical security situation in Afghanistan as the Taliban continues its steady takeover of more Afghan cities, Fox News has learned. 

Lawmakers have been advised that the capital city of Kabul may fall sooner than expected, prompting the need for the briefing. Just Wednesday, the Taliban seized three more Afghan provincial capitals and a local army headquarters.

The Taliban now controls two-thirds of the nation as the U.S. and NATO finalize their withdrawal after decades of war.

While the capital of Kabul itself has not been directly threatened in the recent blitz, the stunning speed of the offensive raises questions of how long the Afghan government can maintain control. The U.S. assesses that Kabul could fall to the Taliban within the next 90 days, two sources familiar with the matter confirmed to Fox News.

Fox is also told there is a dispute between the intelligence community and the diplomatic community about Afghanistan’s future. The diplomatic community has presented a rosier scenario to Congress. The intelligence assessment has been grimmer.

Another concern is how long the offensive will last. “Fighting season” in Afghanistan could start to wind down in about six weeks as colder weather moves into the mountains, muting the immediate problems. But Fox is told to anticipate a renewed campaign when warmer weather returns in the spring.

President Biden has authorized a military drawdown in Afghanistan, saying it was time to end the 20-year war and for the Afghan people to decide how their country will function. 

The U.S. military plans to complete its withdrawal by the end of August.

Fox News’ Rich Edson and the Associated Press contributed to this report. 

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