‘I turned Liberal to put the willies up Boris!’ PM slammed by North Shropshire voters

North Shropshire voters react to Tory defeat to Lib Dems

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Voters in the constituency slammed Mr Johnson with a string of attacks on his leadership after the Liberal Democrats overturned a majority of almost 23,000 to win by nearly 6,000 votes at the by-election. Speaking to Sky News following the result, one voter revealed he predicted the Liberal Democrats win.


He hammered: “I thought the Conservatives would get a battering, and they did haven’t they!”

While one gentlemen noted that he was “not surprised” by the result claiming people in the constituency “are looking for a change”.

Another constituent held no punches as he revealed how he was a “staunch Labour voter” but the by-election changed that.

In an jab at Mr Johnson, the voter slammed how “I turned to Liberal just to put the willies up to Boris!”

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Another lady added that “hopefully they [The Liberal Democrats] will make a good job of it” suggesting the result “is a change for Shropshire”.

While one gentlemen said he believed North Shropshire voted as an “anti-Conservative vote” before wishing the LibDem’s good luck.

The Lib Dems won North Shropshire by 5,925 votes, which is a swing of 37.14 percent from the 2019 General Election.

Boris Johnson takes responsibility for North Shropshire defeat

Responding to the defeat, Mr Johnson told reporters at a vaccination centre in Hillingdon, London, that the by-election was a “very disappointing result” for his party.

He added how he understood “people’s frustrations” and said he takes “personal responsibility” for the defeat.

It comes as former Conservative minister Anna Soubry, who left the party over her Brexit position, told Sky News that North Shropshire voters are “disgusted frankly by this Prime Minister”.

She branded Mr Johnson “a clown” before claiming “the sooner he is gone, the better”.

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Following the win, new MP Helen Morgan said: “Tonight, the people of North Shropshire have spoken on behalf of the British people.

“They have said loudly and clearly: Boris Johnson, the party is over.”

Ms Morgan’s comments alluded to the Covid rule busting bashes which are alleged to have taken place in Downing Street and across Westminster last November and December when the rest of the country was under strict restrictions. 

Boris Johnson has called on Cabinet Secretary Simon Case to investigate some, but not all, of the alleged bashes.

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