Jeremy Kyle slammed for peddling ’emotive, corrosive, offensive drive’

Jeremy Kyle shut down by Sir Roger Gale

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The radio presenter and politician exchanged heated words over immigration as pressure mounts on the Government to end the illegal trafficking of migrants in small boats across the English Channel. Reacting to Jeremy Kyle’s analysis of the immigration crisis, Sir Roger Gale hit out at the host’s comments branding them “offensive drivel.”

Jeremy Kyle told TalkTV: “I am talking specifically to Roger about 10,000 Albanian male criminals coming in on small boats infesting our country and committing crime.”

He asked the Tory MP: “Do you not think as an MP in that sort of area because I’m hearing from hundreds of people that that is an absolutely dreadful thing to be happening in 2022 in the United Kingdom?”

Sir Roger replied: “Jeremy you are fairly plain and straight talking and you know so am I and actually what you just said, is emotive, corrosive, offensive drivel.

“There are not 10,000 Albanian criminals coming in…either we’re gonna have a sensible conversation about this or we’re not.”

Mr Kyle responded: “So you’re telling me there aren’t 10,000 migrants from Albania, criminals who have come into this country?

“10,000 Albanian migrant men between 20 and 40, two percent of their population.”

“So we’ve now taken the argument down a notch. We’re now talking about 10,000 Albanian men that is correct,” hit back Sir Roger.

“But don’t describe them emotively and irrationally as 10,000 Criminals because they aren’t they’re not.”

Jeremy Kyle clashes with ‘career campaigner’

Immigration minister Robert Jenrick has said Government proposals under consideration could make it easier to return unsuccessful applicants to Albania, with talks expected with Tirana and the French to ease the “serious” situation.

MPs previously heard that some 12,000 Albanians have arrived in the UK after crossing the Channel so far this year, of whom 10,000 are single, adult men. This is compared with 50 in 2020.

Mr Jenrick said he will be “giving a lot of thought in the coming days” to what can be done in conjunction with the Albanian authorities.

He told the Commons: “Around a quarter of those individuals who crossed the short strait this year alone have come from Albania. On some boats, 80 percent of the individuals are coming from Albania.

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“Albania is quite clearly a safe country and those individuals have crossed through multiple other safe countries before arriving in the United Kingdom.

“Some reports suggest that as much a 1 percent or even 2 percent of the adult male population of Albania either have attempted to leave the country in this manner or are contemplating doing so.

“So this is a serious situation that we need to grip. There’s a number of fronts in which we’re doing that.

“We’re considering whether there is a bespoke route for Albanians to have their cases heard quickly and removed from the country if they’re not found to be successful, returned to Albania, and we’re also looking diplomatically at how we can work with the government in Albania and in coalition with likeminded countries, such as France, to reach an agreement with Albania.”

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