Joe Concha: Biden's COVID Christmas disaster a fitting cap for his year

Concha: Biden’s COVID Christmas disaster concludes lousy year for the president

Fox News contributor Joe Concha discusses President Biden’s failure to provide adequate coronavirus testing as the omicron variant surges.

This article is adapted from Joe Concha’s video commentary.

What a fitting end to a craptastic 2021. It’s Joe Biden’s Christmas COVID-19 Disaster! 

Are you old enough to remember December of 2020? That’s when not-quite-president-yet Biden declared that a lack of COVID testing in the U.S. was “a travesty.”

So, one would think, given he and his team have had a year to ramp up testing, Biden would have been more than ready for the omicron variant. 

Joe Biden delivers remarks about COVID at the White House. 

Well, guess again! 

Lines for testing extend for blocks as we head into Christmas, and home tests are almost impossible to get. 

And after Jen Psaki touted that the administration was sending out 500 million tests to Americans across the country after originally mocking the idea, there’s this from the New York Times: “President Biden promised Americans he is making 500 million coronavirus tests available free of charge, but help is at least weeks away — if not longer — for anxious Americans facing a surge of new virus cases. 

“Mr. Biden’s administration has not yet signed a contract to buy the tests, and the website to order them will not be up until January. Officials have not said how many tests people will be able to order or how quickly they will be shipped once they begin to be available next month.”


FILE PHOTO: People queue for a COVID-19 test as the Omicron coronavirus variant continues to spread in Manhattan, New York City, U.S., December 21, 2021.
(REUTERS/Andrew Kelly/File Photo)

Meanwhile, the president and vice president are saying “no one” saw omicron coming! That claim flies in the face of his own CDC director Rochelle Walensky, who said on “Special Report” this week that the CDC anticipated the variant’s rapid spread last month. 

Even Biden’s usual media allies are hitting him on this, as reporters asked him Tuesday whether the test shortage constituted a “failure.”

It’s a fitting end of a disastrous year for the 46th president.

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