Kate Hoey savages ‘appalling Speaker’ John Bercow for relentlessly trying to stop Brexit

John Bercow ‘was an appalling speaker’ says Kate Hoey

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Brexit supporter Kate Hoey attacked former House of Commons Speaker John Bercow in a fierce rant. While speaking on GB News, Ms Hoey concluded Mr Bercow was a shocking and appalling Speaker. She also took issue with his clear intent to stop Brexit when he is meant to remain impartial.

Ms Hoey said: “When we saw what went on in Parliament and those long debates with Speaker John Bercow doing his best to do everything that was going to stop it.”

Ms Hoey was then asked whether she would consider Mr Bercow an activist House Speaker.

She replied: “Oh he was shocking.

“I made my views very clear publicly, I thought he was the most appalling speaker.

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“I was a great fan of Betty Boothroyd even though she was a Remainer in the end.

“She was a wonderful Speaker, completely impartial.

“John Bercow made it clear right from the beginning he wanted to stop Brexit and he did what he could.

“He was backed up by people like Hilary Benn and Keir Starmer, Labour’s future leader.”

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Mr Bercow most recently caused a stir when he announced he was joining the Labour Party.

Commentators discussed many reasons for this decision from the former Speaker.

LBC host Maajid Nawaz argued Mr Bercow’s decision was still closely linked to Brexit.

Mr Nawaz said: “This won’t do the Labour Party any favours on the grassroots.

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“As welcome as this would be by the Blairite wing of the party, demonstrating that they’re the grown-ups in the room because they can attract Conservative MPs.

“As damaging as it is, for their reputation towards the rank and file and the other wing of the party.

Bercow, essentially, if you want to understand it on a deeper level, feels comfortable because of the Remain vote that he championed.

“He feels more comfortable joining Labour than the Tories.

“But this won’t do the Labour Party any favours on the grassroots.”

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