Lee Anderson tells anti-barge illegal migrants to ‘f*** off back to France’

First asylum seekers arrive on Bibby Stockholm barge

Conservative Deputy Chairman Lee Anderson has given a blunt response to charities complaining about the new barge moored near Bournemouth to house asylum seekers.

He told Express.co.uk: “If they don’t like barges then they should f*** off back to France.”

The comment reflects mounting frustration at the way leftwing charities and lawyers are trying to game the system to block any control of the migrant crisis in the UK.

It emerged earlier today that the leftwing charity Care4Calais, whose activists have links to the Labour Party, was involved in trying to stop 500 migrants from being housed on the giant barge, Bibby Stockholm, docked on the south coast.

This follows years of trying to unpick laws to protect Britain’s borders from a mounting number of illegal migrants entering the country including thousands on small boats across the English Channel.

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Mr Anderson, the MP for Ashfield, added: “I think people have just had enough.

“These people come across the Channel in small boats, if they don’t like the conditions they are housed in here then they should go back to France or better not come at all in the first place.”

By the beginning of July, 13,000 illegal migrants had come across the Channel in small inflatable boats, often at the hands of people smugglers and human traffickers to who they had paid thousands of pounds.

It is estimated that 52 illegal migrants are packed into each boat crossing in dangerous conditions.

On arrival, most try to claim asylum and until recently have been put up in hotels up and down the UK.

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The row broke out this morning when Care4Calais issued a statement saying it would not allow illegal migrants it is caring for to go to Bibby Stockholm, the barge.

Care4Calais said: “None of the asylum seekers we are supporting have gone to the Bibby Stockholm today as legal representatives have had their transfers cancelled.”

The group’s CEO, Steve Smith, described the barge as a “quasi floating prison”, adding it is “inhumane” and “unbelievably cruel” to house migrants on it.

The claims have been denied by the Home Office and other Conservative MPs have expressed their outrage at the leftwing charity’s words.

Former Home Secretary Dame Priti Patel told the Express: “These campaign groups and lawyers who are milking the legal aid system, show no interest in tackling challenges caused by the number of asylum seekers coming here and the vile activities of the evil criminal gangs who smuggle them into the UK.

“They are only interested in profiteering from this human misery and showing contempt to the taxpaying law-abiding majority who rightly have said enough is enough.”

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