Liz Truss silences Remainers and claims Brexit Britain is more flexible out of EU

UK 'more nimble' as independent trading nation says Truss

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Foreign Secretary Liz Truss argued the UK has been more nimble and flexible outside of the European Union. While speaking to GB News, she said Brexit Britain has already had success at forming trade deals and will continue to do so. She also argued, in some instances, the UK was able to secure better deals than the EU.

Ms Truss said: “Lots of people said that we would never get those deals.

“They said this because we are just one country rather than 28, they said we would get worse terms.

“In fact, we got at least as good terms as the EU did and in the case of Japan, we got better terms.

“We got a new agreement on digital and data and we got better mobility arrangements for people travelling to Japan with their spouses.

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“We were able to go above and beyond what the EU negotiated.

Ms Truss also highlighted one of the early successes of Brexit Britain that the EU has not been able to replicate.

She smiled as she recalled the new trade deal with Australia the UK was able to secure.

She said: “In the case of Australia, which was our first from scratch, post-Brexit trade deal, we did the deal within the year.

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“The EU are still negotiating after four years and there is even talks that various countries in the EU might not do it.”

Ms Truss closed by remarking what she hoped to do for the UK moving forward with foreign policy.

Outside of the European Union, Ms Truss argued the UK can better focus on forming relationships with Britons in mind. 

She said: “So I think what it shows is that as an independent trading nation we can be more nimble in the way that we approach these things, more flexible.

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“We can act in the interest of the United Kingdom and that is what I want to do with foreign policy overall.

“I want to focus on where we can secure those economic partnerships, those security partnerships to benefit people at home in the UK.

“Not only this but to also bring our philosophy more broadly around the world.

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