Matt Hancock told to defy PC ‘rubbish’ as fury erupts over vaccine diversity training

Matt Hancock grilled over 'ridiculous' form for vaccine

Health Secretary Matt Hancock spoke on Wednesday afternoon to the House of Commons to update MPs on the current work to fight against the coronavirus crisis. Mr Hancock was ordered by Tory MP Sir Edward Leigh to drop the unnecessary and time-consuming training modules for doctors and nurses administering the Pfizer vaccine. The Tory MP insisted it was rubbish and “bureaucratic nonsense” that was detrimental in the fight against coronavirus. 

Mr Hancock replied that the Government has now removed unnecessary training modules, including fire safety and terrorism.

The Gainsborough MP said: “I have just been talking to my right honourable friend from North Somerset, a doctor, he showed me the ridiculous form he has had to fill in to make this simple jab. 

“Things like diversity, equality training. 

“When he is inoculating an old lady, he is not going to ask her whether she has come into contact with any Jihadis or whatever.

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“The Secretary of State has got to cut through all this bureaucratic rubbish.” 

After some cheers of agreement from other MPS, Mr Hancock stood up smiling to respond.

He said: “I am a man after my right honourable friend’s heart.

“I can tell the house that we have removed a series of the unnecessary training modules that had been put in place.

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“This includes, fire safety, terrorism and others.

“I will write to him with the full panoply of the training that is not required and we have been able to remove.

“We made this change as of this morning and I am glad to say it is enforced.

“I am a fan of busting bureaucracy, and in this case, I agree with him that is not necessary to undertake anti-terrorism training in order to inject vaccines.”

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While in the House of Commons, the North Somerset MP, Dr Liam Fox, highlighted his frustration at this issue.

He said: “As a qualified non-practising doctor I volunteered to help with the scheme and would urge others to do the same.

“But can I ask the Prime Minister why I’ve been required to complete courses on conflict resolution, equality, diversity and human rights, moving and handling loads and preventing radicalisation in order to give a simple covid jab?

“Can I urge him to get the NHS and the Department for Health to drop the bureaucracy, drop the political correctness and do all they can to actually get the vaccine programme moving”

The Prime Minister replied: “I’m assured by the Health Secretary that all such obstacles, all such pointless pettifoggery has been removed and there should be absolutely nothing to stop him volunteering to be a vaccinator.”

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