MPs to wait for ‘Covid to be finished’ before freezing out Boris Johnson out of leadership

Boris Johnson: GB News guest speculates on Tory MPs position

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David Wooding predicted Boris Johnson’s fate as Britain’s Prime Minister is already be sealed as any potential reconiciliation is unlikely. He warned however that Tory MPs will bide their time before they “they put the letters in” as they can’t identify a worthy replacement just yet. A minimum of 54 Conservative MPs are required to trigger a leadership election and the MPs are also not prepared to take any chances on whether they will get to that figure, the Sun on Sunday Political Editor suggested.

Mr Johnson became the subject of another national backlash after admitting to attending an illegal party at the height of the lockdown in May 2020 before he apologised to the British public.

Mr Wooding acknowledged that the Prime Minister is going through a tempestuous patch and that the “skids are under” him right now but he will still be backed to see out the COVID-19 conundrum so that the next PM can have a “clean run at it”.

Talking to GB News, he said: “I was in the Commons team room yesterday talking to MPs, and people who normally backed his leadership campaign are now saying that he’s got to go.

“The question is are they willing to put in those letters?

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“Fifty-four are needed to force a leadership election.

“At the moment I don’t think they will, they are gonna wait a little longer and see how this plays out.

“Again, there is a feeling that they want Covid finished.

“He delivered Brexit, they want him to get us out of the pandemic so that the next person can have a clean run at it.

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“The problem that they also have, who do they choose?

“There’s feelings that the people they want are not ready for the job.”

“There’s a big division among the Red Wall, the 2019 MPs and the old guard, the Right-wing of the party over who they have.”

“Then of course you have that Brexit Remain split over who might be better to lead the Party forward.”

Pressure is growing on Mr Johnson as his own MPs, opposition Leader Sir Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner to name but a few have joined forces and demanded he resigns.


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Sir Keir Starmer took the opportunity to have a go at his opponent during PMQs, telling the House of Commons that Britons have now sussed out that he is insincere.

He raged: “Everyone can see what happened, it started with reports of boozy parties in Downing Street during lockdown.

“The prime minister pretended that he had been assured there were no parties, how that fits with his defence now I do not know.

“Then the video landed, blowing the Prime Minister’s first defence out of the water, so then he pretended [that] he was sickened and furious about the parties, now it turns out he was at the parties all along.

“Can’t the prime minister see why the British public think he’s lying through his teeth?”


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