‘Must resist!’ Sturgeon throws gauntlet down in fiery independence provocation to Boris

Nicola Sturgeon says Scotland ‘must resist' Westminster control

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Nicola Sturgeon took aim at the Tory Government and Boris Johnson for forcing Scotland to go through a damaging Brexit process which she claimed will weaken Scotland and leave the nation at the mercy of the UK Government. The SNP leader said Westminster were “utterly terrified” at Scotland looking outwards before stating Brexit has been weaponised to keep Scotland docile and weak. Ms Sturgeon demanded supporters “resist” this notion before throwing her full support behind a Scottish independence referendum before her Scottish parliamentary term was over.

Speaking at the end of the four-day SNP virtual conference, Ms Sturgeon called for cooperation with Westminster to deliver on the democratic wishes of the Scottish population.

The First Minister also stated “democracy must prevail” before blasting her “weak” Scottish opposition and the Brexit vote.

She told viewers: “[Brexit] will make us poorer year after year after year, trade with Europe will decline, our working population is likely to fall.

“Who knows what will happen to our NHS in future trade deals, all of that will be bad enough.

“But there’s a double whammy that Scotland must be alert to and resist with everything we’ve got.

“And it is this, Westminster will use all that damage that they have inflicted as an argument for yet more Westminster control.

“By making us poorer, they’ll say we can’t afford to be independent.

“By cutting our trade with the EU they’ll say we are too dependent on the rest of the UK.

“By causing our working population to fall they’ll say the country is ageing too fast.

“They want us to believe we are powerless in the face of the disastrous decisions they have taken for us and the damage those decisions is doing.

“They want us to look inwards, not outwards, and the reason for that is they know and are utterly terrified by the prospect.

“That when we look outwards we see all the evidence right there in front of our own eyes.

“The evidence that independence works for countries of Scotland size.”

The SNP leader also took issue with her opposition parties in Scotland and called them out for not aspiring to be in government but instead happy to stay and oppose the SNP whenever they could.

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Ms Sturgeon said: “It utterly astonishes me, baffles me completely in fact, given the number and scale of their defeats, that Labour, the Tories and the Lib Dems show absolutely no inclination to [adapt].

“Instead of adapting positions that voters have rejected time and again, they’re doubling down and expecting voters to adapt to them.

“These parties demonstrate no sign at all of learning the lessons or making the changes necessary to move from opposition to government. Which can lead to only one conclusion – they don’t aspire to be in government.

“Now, all of that may be good for the SNP but it is bad for democracy.

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“Oppositions hungry to be in government are more effective, and effective opposition matters in a democracy.

“But that is not what we have in Scotland.

“Instead, on virtually every issue, we have opposition simply for the sake of opposition.”

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