POLL: Is it time for the UN refugee rules to be overhauled?

Nigel Farage predicts migrant crisis will 'destroy' EU

Home Secretary Suella Braverman will urge world leaders on Tuesday to consider rewriting the United Nations 1951 refugee convention so they are “fit for the modern age”.

She will address the American Enterprise Institute in Washington DC and argue that migrants picking where to claim asylum is “absurd and unsustainable”.

She is calling for worldwide reform to tackle the migrant crisis, claiming that 70 years on from the policy, “we now live in a completely different time”.

She will say during a keynote speech: “It is incumbent upon politicians and thought leaders to ask whether the refugee convention, and the way it has come to be interpreted through our courts, is fit for our modern age. Or whether it is in need of reform.”

Ms Braverman also argues that asylum seekers crossing the English Channel in small boats should not be treated as refugees because they have travelled through other safe countries.

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She will say: “The status quo, where people are able to travel through multiple safe countries, and even reside in safe countries for years, while they pick their preferred destination to claim asylum, is absurd and unsustainable.

“Nobody entering the UK by boat from France is fleeing imminent peril. None of them have ‘good cause’ for illegal entry.

“The vast majority have passed through multiple safe countries, and in some instances have resided in safe countries for several years. In this sense, there is an argument that they should cease to be treated as refugees when considering the legitimacy of their onward movement.”

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Chief executive of the Refugee Council Enver Solomon said that Ms Braverman’s plans were seeking to undermine a belief in a shared humanity.

He explained: “A world where the UK and other western nations pull up the drawbridge and turn their backs on those who have been tortured, persecuted and faced terror because of their gender, sexuality or any other reason, is a world which turns its back on a belief in shared humanity and shared rights.”

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