Rachel Johnson on the spot as she faces double-pronged attack on Boris rule breach

LBC: Rachel Johnson discusses Bori Johnson's 'rule breach'

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Rachel Johnson the Prime Minister’s sister sat down with LBC Radio’s Nick Ferrari and a panel of other guests to discuss, the alleged Tory Christmas party scandal.

Ms Johnson defended her brother Boris as she faced a barrage of questions over his lack of following his own rules during the pandemic.

Over the past few weeks, top Tory MPs like Shaun Bailey and Allegra Stratton have resigned over the allegations of parties taking place in Downing Street.

During Nick Ferrari’s Christmas special another guest on the panel. Kevin Maguire the editor of the Daily Mirror slammed the Prime Minister’s lack of honesty and held his sister Rachel to account.

When asked by host Nick Ferrari what she felt when she saw the leaked picture on the front page of the Mirror, Ms Johnson said: “No I just feel incredibly sad and depressed, none of us could do anything.”

A guest on the panel said: “They took us for stupid, so they sent Secretaries of State into studios including with you Nick, I heard Sajid Javid say, he didn’t think there were any parties.

“So Downing Street were briefing Cabinet Ministers with false information, it was insanity, Boris Johnson should have just said, I’m going to find out about this, when he found out it happened, I’ve disciplined them. It should never have happened.”

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Ms Johnson said: “It was the Department of Education, it was the treasury, it was Shaun Bailey, it was Downing Street. I mean sorry, it was across Whitehall.”

Nick Ferrari said: “A look to the Health Secretary, Sajid Javid’s credit he always sounds and looks shift when he’s not telling the truth, they’ve given him a script even he doesn’t believe and he trots it out.

“But it was just a sleaze, was entirely self-inflicted by the Prime Minister to some extent so are parties, because if had put his hand up and said I will look and yes I found out we had some gatherings and we shouldn’t.

“We probably wouldn’t be talking about it now but it’s the like and it’s the cover-up, Allegra Stratton recording of her laughing that was preparing the cover=up a year ago.”

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Ms Johnson said: “I mean because he is my brother I’ve had to see him over the course of lockdown and I have to say, every time I’ve seen him you know if it was a rule of six he said we can only be six wherever we are.

“I mean it was absolutely, He dotted every ‘i’ and he crossed every ‘t’ I promise he did.”

When Prime Minister Boris Johnson was asked about the party incident, Mr Johnson said: “I can tell you once again that I certainly broke no rules. All that is being looked into.

“Of course, all that must be properly got into and you will be hearing from the cabinet secretary about it all.”

Many of Johnson’s Tory MPs have rebelled against Boris Johnson amidst various weekly scandals which have been seeping out of Downing Street and hitting the press.

Lord Frost resigned earlier in the month due to his lack of agreement over new Plan B rules which were ushered in under the Tory government.

The vote saw nearly 100 Tory MPs vote against Plan B regulations, this was the second biggest Tory rebellion in Parliament.

The Deputy leader of the Labour party, Angela Rayner slammed Boris Johnson over the allegations of Tory MPs breaking lockdown rules last year.

Ms Rayner said: “The rules are very clear that if you mislead Parliament, then ministers and the Prime Minister is not above the rules would have to resign. 

“We’ve got a Prime Minister here who, quite frankly, I never felt was fit for office anyway but has proven over the past couple of months he isn’t.

“He spent the last week after I wrote to the Cabinet Secretary asking for an investigation into the allegations, he spent the week saying, ‘nothing to see here, nothing happened.”

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